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Stand with Dignity Campaign


It is an undeniable reality that the story of Karbala and the unspeakable tragedies which afflicted Imam Husain ibn Ali, the holy grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his purified progeny) is by far the most heartbreaking and atrocious event which transpired in the history of mankind. Even after the passing of 1400 years since that tragic event, we observe the unique phenomenon that people all across the world, Muslim and non-Muslim commemorate the day of Ashura when Imam Husain and his companions and family members were brutally killed by the hands of the enemies of truth and justice. Millions of people from different faiths and backgrounds have mourned and still continuing to mourn over the injustices, tragedies, and oppression faced by this holy saint and grandson of the Prophet.

But why does the story of Imam Husain deserve all that attention across the ages and globally and why does the remembrance of the events of Karbala never cease but rather grow and the tears shed in mourning are ever more intense?

That is because Imam Husain is like no other man and his mission is like no other mission. Being the holy grandson of the last Prophet sent by God to all of mankind and being the best believer and leader living in his time, Imam Husain enjoyed unique characteristics of immaculate and sublime character, pristine morals, and exceptional conduct in his life that his followers admire and even his enemies testify to. The values and morals which he represents under the umbrella of Islam are that which represents all of humanity. The principles which he stood up for during his life are common universal principles which every human being can relate to, understand, agree, and cherish.

By presenting the ultimate sacrifice in Karbala and being martyred and killed by the most miserable and evil of human beings, Imam Husain (AS) became the hero and champion who saved not only the religion of Islam but all Abrahamic faiths revealed by God since the beginning of time. Even those who do not believe in the divine revelations agree unanimously that Imam Husain (AS) represented the ideal honorable human being who fought for the principles which every person regards as valuable. Among the values he defended are human rights, human dignity, freedom of speech, justice, the rights of the oppressed, compassion and mercy even to your enemy, forgiveness and clemency, chivalry and bravery, faith and sacrifice, and much more! Such values are recognized and admired by even the most prominent of personalities in history such as Ghandi who confessed that “I learned from Husain how to become oppressed and gain victory”. Those who carefully study and analyze the history and character of Imam Husain have multitude of lessons to learn from and will stand baffled out of admiration to this unique and pure character. There is no doubt that Imam Husain stood up and saved all of humanity by his unique stance and brave position in Karbala after he stood up and defied the tyrant and oppressor of his time. History will never again find any other human who matches the personality, principles, and sacrifice of Husain ibn Ali.

October 31,2015 a billboard will be released in commemoration of Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad who was martyred 1400 hundred years ago but whose legacy still lives on. Hussain stood against oppression and injustice and sacrificedhis life to preserve human rights and freedom. He refused to bow to falsehood allowing all individuals to worship freely as the Holy Qur’an states, “Those who have been expelled from their homes unjustly only because they said: “God is our Lord.” – For had it not been that God checks one set of people by means of another, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, wherein the Name of God is mentioned much would surely have been pulled down. Verily, God will help those who help His (Cause). Truly, God is All-Strong, All Mighty”.

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