The mission of Imam Hussain was to restore and reform the righteousness of faith in the Muslims, and the humanity for all people. In a time filled with treachery, crime, and disregard for the teachings of God from all the messengers – from Adam, Noah, Moses, and Jesus, Imam Hussain seeked to bring light of religion back into the lives of mankind.

The following extract from Imam Hussain’s prayer at Hajj shows his feelings towards reform of the followers of his grandfather, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

“O’God: you know that our struggle, moves, protests, and campaigns have not been, and are not, for the sake of rivalry and for obtaining power, neither are they for the sake of personal ambition nor for worldly ends, nor for the purpose of accumulating wealth and acquiring worldly advantages.” Then what is their purpose? Imam states the purpose in these words.

“To establish the landmarks of Your Religion, to make reforms manifest in Your lands, so that the oppressed among Your servants may have security, and Your laws, which have been suspended and cast into neglect, may be reinstated.”

Further on in this same prayer, the Imam calls upon his creator to show his total dependence upon Him.

“O’He, upon whom I called when I was sick and He healed me, when naked, He clothed me, when hungry He fed me, when thirsty He gave me drink, when abased He exalted me, when ignorant, He gave me knowledge, when alone He provided companion, when away from home He returned me home, when empty handed He enriched me, when in need of help He helped me, when rich He took not from me”.

This kind of complete dependence upon God which is the Hallmark of Islamic teachings was taught by the Imam to the people of Madinah and Makka, and the whole of Hejaz he visited.

His faith in God was the light that led him to sacrifice his life, but it led to his eternal glory as a beacon of light for all to strive to become.