Muslims for Peace

Established in 2001, Muslims for Peace, Inc. is an organization that aims to bridge people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds through interfaith activities, such as presentations, seminars, and discussions. We strongly believe that educating each other about our differences is the best way to interconnect people, increase tolerance towards each other, and facilitate the peacemaking process all over the world. We spread the message that Islam stands for non-violence, and we work towards developing a better understanding of Islam among all the people of the world, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. As members focusing on the collective and greater good, we believe that education is the means to a lifetime of tolerance and universal acceptance. It is our duty to inform ourselves before we educate others on the beliefs and principles of Islam. Although an academic focus is vital, our organization generally tends to include a more contemporary aspect to our events and discussions. We have a broad perspective and mindset as we take on current affairs and modern-day events to view them with a historically relevant Islamic lens. We believe that, as Muslims, first and foremost, we are humans and our duty towards humanity is to collectively strive and work to seek justice for all. A great leader in Islam, Imam Ali ibn. Abu Talib (a) once said, “Man is either your brother in faith or your equal in humanity.”

Universal Muslim Association of America

The Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) is an non-governmental organization (or “NGO”) that works on social, political, religious, and humanitarian issues. UMAA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and has obtained ECOSOC non-profit status with the United Nations and regularly participates in related initiatives.

UMAA was formally established in September, 2002 as a joint effort between scholars, community organizers and community leaders. Since then, UMAA has grown to support the America Shia community through a variety of Community Development, Advocacy and Media efforts.

Mission Statement

UMAA aims to provide a platform for American Shia Muslims to advance political, social, economic and religious goals important to their community that may not be addressed in centers of worship.