HUSSAIN : Stand With Dignity


Instinctively, we all admire the ‘good’ things in humankind – compassion, honesty and justice. Actively pursuing such attributes is arguably what gives us our worth as human beings. But have you ever considered the lengths you go to in order to stand by what you believe is right? How often do we take the time to reflect on our own dignity and self-worth? How long do we ponder about what we actually stand for? Dignity is the means by which our character and persona are pulled to greatness. A dignified soul is the source of good for one’s own self and for others. A dignified person is one who does not stand silent while others are scared to act. It is not someone who looks away when abuse is happening. Nor is it a person who seeks to hurt others and oppresses them. In our mundane routine, it is hard to break free from the norm of being complacent, and to stand up against those who are hurting you.

Every person likes to believe that they have dignity; that they would stand up for themselves rather than be humiliated. How often in our lives have these chances occurred? How often have we been ridiculed or humiliated and said to ourselves, “I wish I knew how to stand up for myself”.

Stand With Dignity is a campaign to raise awareness about the state of humanity our lives. What do we stand for? What values would we fight for? How often do we have compassion for others? These are questions we urge you to ask yourself. To stand with dignity is to understand mankind’s worth. Stand with Dignity recognizes the historic stand made by one man, 1,400 years ago. His name was Imam Hussain.