Come join the caravan of A’bes!

By Jerrmein Abu Shahba

Come join the CARAVAN OF ‘ABES!!!

The Caravan of Ibn Abi Shabeeb Al Shakeri

A remarkable and devout companion of Hussain ibn Ali

Come join the caravan of this believer who gave up his life for the prophet’s progeny

He was not a rich man who owned land or property

Nor did he belong to the nobles of his tribe or sovereignty

Abes was a brave warrior and sincere worshipper who represented good

A man who was able to recognize truth from falsehood

A sincere lover of Hussain whose love didn’t have boundaries like any love would

He didn’t need a sword or spear to fight

His only weapon was his emotions of love which increased day and night

And his shield was the curtain of Mawaddah to the Lantern of Light

Without hesitation he took off his shirt and marched to the battlefield without restrain

Like a raging lion chanting “I have become insane by the love of Hussain!”

Such are the words of he who carries extreme love and devotion for he who was slain

Swearing by the most High and declaring: “By Allah I will accept your call and I will fight your enemies and raise my sword in your defense. I desire nothing from that except the pleasure of Allah.”

Come join this Caravan of Abes which has only one destination

Martyrdom in defense of the great Leader of the Muslim nation

Each and everyone is welcome to join this ship of salvation

There is no return from this journey except with the shedding of blood and much pain

So long as the believer carries a burning heart filled with love towards Hussain

A love which reaches the state of insanity such that all others remark with disdain

There is no logic to the adoration which summarizes your position

A love that dominates your existence and represents your vision

For all the words and actions are fueled by that passion to the holy grandson

Come join this Caravan of Truth and set yourself free

But first beware of one thing and listen to me

They will call you insane just like they did to Ibn Shakeri!

They will laugh and crack at you in every situation!

They will ridicule your actions and question your intention!

They will complain about you and shake your reputation!

They will remind you that there is the terrorist group called Da’esh

Hence don’t go to Iraq and your love hush up and don’t profess

But tell them for every Da’esh there is surely another one like Abes!

As a member of this blessed Caravan,

You must not falter and your feet must stand

On the Sirat Al Mustaqeem for that is your only plan

You must not listen to what they say nor yield to their scheme

Cover your hears and close your eyes but keep focused on your dream

Follow what your mind says even if they call you Majnoon

After all, they accused Abes of the same claim!

That he became insane by the love of Hussain!

How ridiculous is that argument and silly complaint!

Knowing that he who gains his Ma’refat and learns about Hussain

Has no other option but to become insane with this holy saint

To dedicate one’s life for such love even if it is brings torture and pain!

Just as the great martyrs of Karbala did like Habib and Burair

Not to mention Muslim and others who didn’t gain much fame

How strange that the devotees of Abi Abdillah endure all injuries yet continue to sustain

Surely he who mocks the devotee of Imam Hussain is really without a brain!

Hence join this blessed Caravan of Truth and don’t abstain!

From accepting this invitation NOW and calling out LABAYKA YA HUSSAIN!