For centuries since the death of Imam Hussain, poets from all faiths have written emotional lines of poetry in praise of his personality and historic stand. His tragic yet beautiful story appeals to all hearts as its grief enlivens our humanity within.

Many become ‘lovers’ of Hussain as the pain of his loss 1,400 years ago feels fresh in their hearts until today. The reason for this can be explained as the fact that Imam Hussain had sacrificed his life in order to save not only Islam from destruction, but all of humanity. The morals and ethics his message propagates cannot be matched in impact by any other event in history.

Below is a poem written in 2012 by a young British poet, Nouri Sardar, about the inspiring influence of Imam Hussain.

Revolution in the Heart

In every heart, Hussain has a revolution

* * *

I speak to you of a love greater than love…He falls a dreamer’s falling star from above

And he perches upon the heart like a dove…His wings like the daybreak, around it open

* * *

His love is no legend, nor is it a myth…Though of a household of gold he is the fifth

He captures millions on his fortieth…Just ask them how by his love they awaken

* * *

Though for freedom within a battle he fought…Of an internal revolution he taught

The perfection of man selflessly he sought… a free world in each of us was his vision

* * *

His tale is much more than a mere story…It has treasures in it that lead to glory

And he who knows Hussain does not know worry…The answer to each worry he’s been given

* * *

There is no-one who achieved what he achieved…For he challenged death, and death he then deceived

Now people of all ages for him have grieved…Where can you find such love and dedication?

* * *

Over one-thousand years and how they still mourn…As if he died yesterday, grief they adorn

With the dawn of his day, every heart is torn… The heart struggles with each pulse and contraction

* * *

A love such that builds a crown out of its pride…Telling the world that Hussain, his death, defied

They say he’s dead, it answers he never died…And he’s the crown on the head of creation

* * *

Open your eyes and give your pupils consent…You’ll see him in every uprising present

You’ll see him when the oppressed fight a tyrant…You’ll know where to see him upon reflection

* * *

A love yearned by the biggest, greatest of kings…Every man longs for a place on Hussain’s wings

Every thing, its sorrow, for his tale sings…His hardship is his lover’s tribulation

* * *

He is loved by even his own enemies…Swords against him, but his love in hearts won’t cease

Gambling with his love, they do as they please…Spending his tragic day in celebration

* * *

It is not something small, to know of his name…Or to flutter like a moth within his flame

The only love where your actions, none would blame…For his love itself is a resolution