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Why Stand with Dignity Serving at Risk and Orphaned Children in NJ


Why Stand with Dignity serving at risk and orphaned children in NJ

Charity begins at home Our duty alongside helping our families is helping our neighbors and local communities. These children come from all religious backgrounds from Christian, Non-religious to Muslim and all races from European, African to Arab. There are an estimated 1 million people living under poverty in NJ and out of them many are children who may not be our direct neighbors but if we take the time to travel a few miles we’ll see how many are in need of food, shelter, clothing and a dignified life.

Noble Qur’an (3:92)

By no means shall you attain to righteousness until you spend (benevolently) out of what you love; and whatever thing you spend, Allah surely knows it.

Imam Ali (as)

Man is either your brother in faith or your equal in humanity.


About the Children’s Home Society of NJ

Children’s Home Society of NJ supports at risk children who are living in poverty and sometimes without the presence of parents in NJ. They believe that children shouldn’t be boxed up like goods in one big facility rather they should have homes where people can take care of them and provide a dignified life.

First Collaboration with the Children’s Home Society of NJ: Special Day of Fun

Muslims for Peace along with volunteers came together to organize a small pilot event for a few children of the CHSNJ. We wanted to create a special day of fun for a few kids to build bridges with CHSNJ as well as not take on more than we could handle as a small group of volunteers. But we are happy to say it was a huge success and we’re planning for an event in Muharram to honor Imam Hussain (as).

Event Schedule

Make them feel like celebrities

  • As the bus arrived at Masjid Ali the volunteers started cheering, clapping and throwing silly string to welcome the children
  • Each child was given a party hat and glow sticks and welcomed like a celebrity

Started program with creative arts and crafts

  • Wanted to stimulate their creativity and make it fun
  • Had some snacks and time to bond with them

Then indoor games!

  • Played indoor bowling
  • Then took turns hitting all the candy out of the giant burger pinata

Then outdoor games

  • Took the kids to the backyard jungle gym and bubble games
  • Played soccer and enjoyed some cold healthy drinks


  • Served a three course meal from Kababery including rice, meat, salad, appetizers and dessert

Tour of the Masjid

  • Gave them a tour of the Masjid

Gifts and goodbye

  • Gave the children many books, English and math workbooks
  • Also many toys based on age
  • $50 in gift cards to each child for Walmart and Shoprite

Stats from the event

  • 13 children came with moms and 2 staff from CHSNJ
  • ~$2k in money was raised by Muslims for Peace
  • Each child was given multiple reading, writing and math workbooks
  • They also received brand new toys and some clothing
  • Each child who came was given a $25 gift card to Walmart and $25 to Shop Rite
  • 3 course meal was served from Kababery
  • The remaining donations were given to other children from the society who could not make it
  • Just as importantly as money for each child there were 1-2 fans (volunteers) to make their day special
  • We received calls and a letter from the CHSNJ telling us how everyone who attended enjoyed and appreciated the time and sincerity of the volunteers

They liked us so much they have asked us to help them for a holiday event on December 12 for which they need 10 volunteers. We said we’d love to and we’re sharing this opportunity with the community to make another day special for a group of children who are completely without parents.

We will be sending an email about that event with more information shortly!

Media Contacts:

Zain Ali, Director , Charity Events

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