Press Release

Newark: Water is human right.


Join Standwithdignity New Jersey in providing water and other essentials for Newark’s residents

“Oh my followers! Whenever you drink refreshing water, remember me.
These were the words Imam Hussain (as) told his beloved sister, Lady Zainab (as) before he died to remind the people that whenever they drink water to remember their thirst.
Water is the basic necessity needed for survival; yet, it was denied to Imam Hussain, his companions, and family for three days. Thus, one of the ways to keep this event alive is to remember them at the time of drinking water. Moreover, it is also with the absence of water that can prompt one to remember the Martyrs of Kerbala. This can be felt strongly when a person no longer has access to clean drinking water. Unfortunately, these situations can arise unexpectedly and in places least expected. It occurred recently in Newark, New Jersey where water in the city became undrinkable due to contamination. Lead had seeped into the water system through the pipes leaving hundreds of people in the city without clean drinkable water.

Consequently, standwithdignity in the name of Imam Hussain towards the Newark water system and distributed up to 1000 gallons water to those in need on September 25, 2019, along with the mayor, Ras Jua Baraka. The water will be distributed at Paradise Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey.
It is in the legacy of Imam Hussain (as) that encourages a person to reach out to those who are in need, even to the most basic of necessities

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