Friday, December 4, 2020


Pastor John Shuck It is a path of mourning for the wounds are deep and the arrows are plentiful that pierce the flesh of Hussain Ibn Ali and his companions on Ashura. On that day Yazid’s army controlled the battlefield.... Hussain ibn Ali who Muslims revere as the third Imam in the line of divinely appointed Imams or leaders is not only an exemplary guide for the Muslims; but, he is also like Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be... Excerpt: "I would encourage those of us who are not familiar with the tragedies that take place in the month of Muharram to take the time to go and understand and read our history. And that's a Muslim history,... A Tribute to Martyrs ----------------------- You are alive, everlasting The Qur'an has said so* He, your Lord, has with his own hands placed this crown upon you You are the honor, grandeur of your nation You are the dignity of loyalty itself You have with the... Sheikh Hussain Al–Nasheed: Who is Imam Hussain? Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son. Prophet Abraham obeyed God, as did his son, and they prepared for the sacrifice. But at the last minute, Abraham was spared of... Published on Jul 29, 2015 The beautiful and fragrant roses were tagged with quotes from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s grandson Imam Hussain. The initiative, which has now become global, has been replicated in over 12 cities across North... Sheikh Jehad Muhammad Wassef Ismail on Imam Hussain's impact on christian faith Sheikh Jehad Muhammad Wassef Ismail on Imam Hussain stand for Humanity Sheikh Jehad Muhammad Wassef Ismail Imam Hussain's stand with Dignity