MUHARRAM- A time For Sacrifice and Reformation



The program will be hosted by Dr. Hasnain Walji and Dr. Aslam Abdullah along with guest speakers on different days.

August 9th:Discussion on the meaning of Sacrifice
August 10th:Discussion on the meaning of Reformation
August 11th: How the reformation and sacrifice are relevant in the context of Muslim Americans. Guest: Dr. Ahmadullah Siddiqi (Professor Emeritus of Journalism and Public Relations at Western Illinois University)
August 12th: Race relations in America. Guest: Professor Inamul Haque, Elmhurst University
August 13th: Gender-related disparity in America and the role of Muslim Americans. Guest: Dr. Mahjabeen Dhala, Graduate Theological Union
August 14th: Role of Islamic Centers to support homelessness. Guest: Hafiz Akhlas Ansari (Khatib and Imam at the Muslim Education Center mosque in Morton Grove, Illinois)
August 15th:Poverty in America. Guest: Dr Barkat Charania. He is a Surgeon, a Lawyer, and an Author. He is the Chairman, of the Advisory Board at Ibn Sina Foundation
August 16th: Violence in American streets. Guest: Dr. Husein Kamaly, Hartford Seminary
August 17th: Islamic values and the responsibilities of Muslim Americans. Guest: Imam Musa Azam, Imam and Health Care Specialist
August 18th: Shia and Sunnis working together to bring about reformation. Guest: Dr. Hassan Abbas, Near East South Asia Strategic Studies Centre