Rules & Guidelines:(USA & Canada)

  1. Artwork must relate to the Topic “Karbala and Imam Hussain”
  2. Only one original art work per participant
  3. Canvas : maximum size A1
  4. 3D Model (physical): Display within 1 x 1 m space
  5. Digital Media :
  • Digital Image: High resolution at least 1920 x 1280 (100 ppi) – max size 6 MB
  • Presentation slides – Auto slide show – 3- 5 min.
  •  Videos: Min 720P with 3-5 min playback- recorded for standwithdignity campaign
  1. Submissions will be on display on our social media pages
  2. Judges decisions will be final.

Art Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines

Theme: Anything about Imam Hussain or Karbala

Who Can Participate? 

Participation is open to children and adults of all ages in the United States and Canada.

  1. This contest is open to students between 14-26 in the United States & Canada.
  2. Contest submissions may include original 2-D, 3-D, and digital artwork, photographs, poems, journal writing, videos designed for standwithdignity campaign
  3. Entries must be original and not copyrighted by anyone other than the person submitting.
  4. Entry files must be sent in jpeg format, and images should be sized about 600 pixels high.
  5. Entries must be emailed to
  6. The deadline for the monthly creative art contest is the last day of October 9th, 2020 by midnight, and the winner will be announced the first week of the following month.
  7. By entering, participants agree to let standwithdignity use submitted images on the website, social media, future exhibits, and newsletters.
  8. Winners will be announced on the Standwithdignity Website and on our social media during the second week of the November.
  9. Standwithdignity COVID Care Package prize will be mailed and will be delivered via U.S. Postal Service.
  10. The judging committee will look for creativity, originality, interpretation of the theme, and emotion—as in, “Does it make viewers laugh, smile, ponder, or even shed a tear?”

For more information please contact: Saba Abbas

 Creative writing Contest Guidelines (USA & Canada)

 Creative writing Themes:

The Universality of Imam Hussain’s mission with all Faith’s. His message which has endured through time, civilizations, and culture.

Who Can Participate? 

The contest is open to students between 14-26 in the United States & Canada.

  1. The contest will feature two sets of competitors, a lower division consisting of grades 8-12 and an upper division consisting of college level students.
  2. A winner from each division will be selected.
  3. Each essay should include a title and the student’s mailing address, grade level, and email and phone number.
  4. Each essay/article should be approximately 400-800 words, not including the title and contact info.
  5. Each essay should use a 12-point font and should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document
  6. Each essay must be a wholly original work composed by the submitter. Any essay that is found to be plagiarized in whole or in part will be immediately disqualified.
  7. The contest will run through October 9th, 2020
  8. Submissions should be sent to

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