Press Release

US Premiere Screening of ‘Arbaeen’

1. Introduction of film
2. US Premiere Screening of ‘Arbaeen’
3. Question & Answer with the director
4. Special performance of poetry recitation and exclusive performance of the track ‘Revolutions’ by Ali Al Hadi
5. Special raffle Gift from the holy shrine of Imam Hussain (as)

Ali Al Hadi is a Danish Islamic reciter, songwriter, music producer and Islamic multi-artist. In 2017 he released his first Album “Lord of Love” (available on iTunes). He has successfully performed his tracks and poetic recitation in Australia, Denmark, Iran, Lebanon and UK.

Reza John Vedadi is an award winning documentary film maker from London, England.
He graduated with two master degrees in Film Production and in Islamic Studies, and has gone on to produce over 50 documentaries. He works to promote a positive Muslim and Islamic identity in the West along with films that introduce the family of Prophet Muhammad (p) to a wider audience.

Arbaeen – 45 minutes
Intimate Journey with the visitors from around the world on a life changing experience to visit Imam Hussain (as), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (s), during the most dangerous period of Iraq’s history.

Film features interviews with: Dr Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, Prof Juan Cole, Axel Plathe (UNESCO), Ali Fadhil, Sayed Hussain Makke, Saarah Bokhari, Sheikh Ayyub, Mohammad Abbas Karim and many more.

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