Al-Hussain A Paragon of Human Justice

‘Shahid Insaniyat’ by Ayatollah Syed Ali Naqi Naqvi enjoys a special place in urdu literature on the tragedy of Karbala. The work covers many a aspects from the historical to the universal, theology and ethics. The first English translation of the work was completed in the 1980’s, and StandWithDignity has endeavored to re-introduce the work, addressing a broader audience. The effort will require editing the work that will cover several aspects related to (a) standardizing it to American English (b) standardizing the arabic names to a proper English transliteration (c) introducing a theme based approach to the text (d) a book guide on that will introduce specific themes in the text given its volume spanning over 500 pages (e) a proper index based reference (f) where possible provide sources for further research.


Arbaeen: A Day and a Movement


The Story of Ali Akber


Bringing the Lioness of Karbala to the West